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About Lara Joly

Hi everybody,

I am a Handmade Jeweller, artist, designer and photographer.
All creations on this site are made by my hands.
I love making artwork, especially Jewellery and Christmas Baubles, which make perfect gifts for loved ones.
Every item is made personally with each one taking several hours of painstaking work.

Each item is made carefully with great attention to detail to ensure the highest possible quality.
Christmas Decorations:
The core of the Christmas bauble is an acrylic polymer which is strong yet light and robust enough to last a lifetime.
Every bauble I make is unique. 
The decorations are made up of a combination of Velvet, Brocade Jacquard Fabrics, Ribbons, Laces, Cords, Pearl Pins, Silk Brushes, Clay Mouldings, Rhinestones, and Brooches.
The basis of jewellery is a combination of natural precious and semi-precious stones, high-quality crystals, ceramics, glass, beads, leather, acrylic, wood, etc. with fittings made of hypoallergenic materials - stainless steel, silver, brass plated with gold and rhodium.
In my collections, you will find jewellery in various colours and shapes which are suitable for any occasion.
The multifunctional design of the collection provides many possibilities for creating your own style.
The Jewellery always has a touch of extravagance!
Perfect symbiosis.
In my jewellery, you will find a mystical combination of ethnic and avant-garde, classic and glamor, retro and versatility.

Such jewellery never depends on the whims of fashion and at the same time, amazingly, is always combined with trendy motifs.
Break out of your everyday jewellery routine and create your own unique style by choosing a fresh design from my collection.
Discover bold, vibrant colours that can add personality to any outfit.
Beaded items are a great way to add colour to your handmade jewellery collection.
Mixed media gives uniqueness to my works.
A design you won't find anywhere else.
Jewellery GeoCube style:
The highlight of the jewellery is the combination of crystal shimmer with fancy quadrangular shapes, strict compositions and amazing design.
In the collection of my jewellery, you can choose a piece of jewellery in different colours and shades for yourself.
This stylish jewellery certainly deserves the most favourable attention of all fashionistas.
But remember that there is no such thing as too much glamour and beauty!

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